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What do you feel should be the priorities for SEA UK funding?

Conferences 60.2%(53)
E Materials 38.6%(34)
Workshops 46.6%(41)
Research 27.3%(24)

There are possibilities to link with other societies on research questions – would you value this?

Yes 75.0% (66)
No 3.4% (3)
Not sure 21.6% (19)

Would you find it acceptable if subscriptions were raised by £5/year (they are currently £20/year and have been for 5 years), in order to fund these areas?

Yes 83.0% (73)
No 17.0% (15)

What do you think SEAUK needs workshops on?

Quality Theatre teaching to the MDT; whilst maintaining an efficient service
Delivering the best training possible during a theatre list. (how to get the most out of every training opportunity)
Effective & safe practical skills teaching
Identifying, and catering for, different learning styles
Teaching methods
Improving the quality of clinical teaching and assessment – this is SEAUK not SER(research)AUK
Teaching in general e.g. TIPS courses
Small group facilitation
Large group facilitation
Teaching in the clinical environment – both in theatre and on ICU
Education specific to anaesthesia
In theatre teaching
Teaching methods
How to lecture?
Making most of teaching opportunities in the workplace
Ways to improve teaching delivery e.g small groups, lectures
In-theatre (and in-intensive care) educational techniques.
How to help trainees solve problems for themselves
Perhaps have a session on teaching the advanced trainee
Theory behind learning
Presentation skills
Translating educational theory and research into clinical practice
Revalidation for trainees
Revalidation as a teacher/supervisor for substantive post-holders
Managing the educational section of revalidation for College Tutors, TPDs, RAs and Clinical directors
Trainee assessment of Consultants. Is it benefiting anybody?
Realistic work-place based assessment techniques
Consultants maintaining CPD for revalidation
How to do assessments
Anaesthesia portfolio WBA – CBD CEX DOPS MSF
Avoiding a tick-box mentality for those involved in education and training
Practical workshops on appraisal skills
Use of educational assessment tools/evidence for
Theory behind assessment
Best use of the logbook
Making an educational video (incl. YouTube upload)
Dealing with paperwork
Application for Academy of Medical Educators (joint workshop)
GMC accreditation of trainers
Managing less than full time training
Collaborating across hospitals
Implementing change within a department
Planning regional teaching strategies
Understanding the current system Advice for educational supervisors & college tutors
how to draw up a PDP with a trainee
What’s new in medical education Delivering services locally
How to help the struggling trainee
Talking to trainees in difficulty
Trainee in difficulty
Difficult and failing trainees
How to deal with the poorly performing trainee (ie problems with anaesthetics, not alcohol)
Difficult trainee
Managing Drs in difficulty
Dealing with difficult trainees, much talked about but never tackled!
The good practitioner what they look like, what do they do that is good, how can you tell? The “mildly problematic” practitioner – trainee; how do they present? how can you tell?
The Nuts and bolts of being an effective educational supervisor
Clinical and educational supervisor training that is actually useful
Giving feedback
Educational research methodology
Educational research – how to start? How to write grant proposals
Getting published
How to write a paper?
Introduction to medical educational research
Delivering workplace based simulation
Teaching in Simulators
facilitating/debriefing simulation
Training the low to medium fidelity trainer.
Paediatric study day for DGH Obstetric
Pain study days
ultrasound techniques
Record/anaesthetic chart accuracy communication & explanations
Developing curricula Learning theories
how to structure training within modules
Management & leadership skills
How to motivate trainees

What do you think SEAUK needs E material on?

Educational principles 101
Clinical education
Learning theories Example lesson plans
Effective lecturing/presenting techniques
Teaching methods
Innovative ways to teach specific parts of curriculum
Various methods of teaching Education theory
Designing teaching sessions
Designing teaching programmes in a medical environment and ensuring comprehensive education in an on call population.
teaching and presentation skills
Modules on teaching methods,
Guidance / tutorials etc on educational matters (in a similar format to anaesthesiauk?). teaching methods; how to get trained;Basically an electronic resource of educational materials & content
Support the above guides for consultants who run training lists
How to deliver teaching, e.g. the Anaesthetists as Educator day could partly occur on-line; study leave budgets & time are being squeezed tighter and tighter these days.
Stuff to compliment the workshops how to give a good presentation/talk teaching course development
Practical advice on techniques for in theatre and bedside teaching
Practical guides on how to teach effectively
Perhaps just simple things on practical aspects of teaching e.g. lesson planning, feedback, teaching in theatre etc
Starting off in education, and creating a learning environment within YOUR department
Tips on getting the most useful continued learning in the shortest time. CPD online New teaching methods
How to run teaching sessions/workshops
Understanding the current system
Conducting wbas Arcp process
Educational supervisor reports
Revalidation for educators in anaesthesia
How to perform workplace based assessments properly
Assessment tools
work based assessment materials such as video clips of good, indifferent and poor learners.
Advice/training on WPBAs
assessments, exam questions
DOPS/CBD etc forms & how to complete them,
The materials should be short and presented as brief presentations or as short YouTube style videos. List of possibilities should be created and prioritised by SEAUK Members. Ideally, that would be reviewed by a small selection of HOS, TPDs, RAs, College Tutors and trainees who would be acting as an external reference group for SEAUK’s Members opinion. In the end, what will get made will be dictated by those with the enthusiasm to produce materials for a topic.
There is probably enough “easy” material out there and there is no point in adding a set of resources different form e-LA

I think the College e material should be supported but not separate SEAUK E material. Some e material could help with the workshop topics but often face to face is also needed.

A database of useful educational facilities would be very helpful – for example, image library, video clips of commonly taught techniques, links to useful sites etc. Most is freely available on the internet, but it would be handy to have it all in the one site.
material to use in theatre e.g on an ipad/laptop as a teaching resource. ECGs, xrays, clinical problems and answers etc.
News letter Conference hand outs/ lectures
Recommended reading lists

Regular updates on key changes to the curriculum
Key educational papers
The new curriculum and it’s effect on education
Updates on education developments throughout anaesthetics
Educational supervision Mentoring
Clinical and educational supervisor training
Educational supervision courses,
Educational supervision – role & ‘how to’; the role of the college tutor & ‘top tips’
Getting started in research Writing an abstract Preparing a poster (how to help the trainees do the above)
Advice for doing educational and therefore qualitative research
Designing workshops
Designing a themed workshop
soft skills team working etc Safety issues
Could provide interactive e-learning for training in debriefing/ giving feedback using videos etc.
debriefing methods;