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Welcome to the SEAUK 2024 ASM

A welcome by Professor Anil Kumar - Organising Committee Lead

The 2024 ASM

We take great pride in hosting the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Education in Anaesthesia UK at the prestigious Orsett Hall in Basildon.


With this year's theme centred around "Education in Anaesthesia: Going into the Future," attendees can expect an enlightening exploration into the evolving landscape of anaesthesia practice and education.


At the forefront of discussions will be the future of anaesthesia, where experts will delve into emerging trends, technological advancements, and innovative approaches shaping the field. From advancements in drug delivery systems to novel techniques in patient monitoring, attendees will gain valuable insights into how anaesthesia practice is evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow's healthcare landscape.


As sustainability gains increasing importance across all industries, "Greener Anaesthesia" will be a significant focus of this year's conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about eco-friendly practices, waste reduction strategies, and the role of anaesthesia professionals in promoting environmental stewardship. By embracing sustainable anaesthesia practices, we can contribute to the global effort to minimize healthcare's ecological footprint.


Virtual reality (VR) technology is rapidly transforming various aspects of healthcare, and anaesthesia is no exception. Through immersive experiences and simulation training, VR holds the potential to revolutionize anaesthesia education and training. Attendees will explore the applications of VR in anaesthesia practice, from procedural training to patient education, and discover how this innovative technology can enhance learning outcomes and improve patient care.


Additionally, the conference will address the importance of providing support for neurodivergent trainees and bridging the attainment gap within the anaesthesia community. By fostering inclusivity and offering tailored support mechanisms, we can empower all trainees to succeed and contribute to the advancement of anaesthesia education and practice.


Prof GS Anil Kumar 

Consultant Anaesthetist 


Organising Committee Chair ASM 24 


Council Member SEA UK

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