Closing date - 30th May 2021


We are pleased to invite members to apply for one of 2 x £500 educational grants with the closing dates for applications of the 30th May 2021.

The second round of grants will be advertised in September 2021.


SEA UK grants can be used towards any prospective educational research and quality improvement activities that falls within the broad interest of education in anaesthesia.

Funding may be sought for:

* Travel to undertake and educational activity that is generally not available in the region.

* Travel to present the original research activity

* Educational activities that develop education for anaesthetists and must be above the widely available activities

* Necessary fees for access to data or to complete the project that can be justified

* Applicant must already be a SEAUK member to apply (or join at time of submission)

Specific Exclusions:

No retrospective funding can be given. We cannot subsidise OOPE. We cannot support teaching on courses and postgraduate courses.

All publications must acknowledge SEA UK as a funder. On completion of the activity a report, including an 800-word article for the newsletter, is expected. You may be invited to speak at our ASM.


  • Use 1-inch margins max, strictly in 11 point Arial script, single spaced, submitted as a word docx or pdf file.

  • Page 1: Single page detailing title of project, applicants (names, positions, qualifications, contact numbers and emails).

  • Page 2: The body of application must be no longer 500 words. This should include details of the project undertaken and the costings involved.

Please send applications to