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Reviewing for the Exam


In our publications area you will find our newsletters, published twice per year, links to SEA UK publications such as the series in the RCoA bulletin, and abstract and posters presented at the ASM. You can also read about research that has been supported by SEA UK and the results from that research.
SEA UK occasionally surveys its members or takes part in consultations such as those from the GMC. Survey results will be published here and links to other consultations that we consider will provide useful information for the educator in anaesthesia will also be provided.

Publications: About
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SEAUK is proud to have a newsletter which is published bianually. The summer and winter newsletters contain uptodate new and events relating to education in Anaesthesia.

Researching and Writing

SEAUK is proud to provide articles for the Royal College of Anaesthetists which are published in The Bulletin. Here you will find all our published articles to date.


An area where additional articles written by SEAUK members are available.

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