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31 Responders
87% were non-trainee members
Majority of respondents were aged 40-55yrs (57%)

Prevalence of social networking use in our membership

77% of respondents used social networking sites, of which 60% used social networking sites for work or education related activities.

SEA UK Twitter account

42% felt a Twitter account for SEA UK would be “not at all useful” or “not very useful” 58% felt Twitter would be “somewhat useful” or “very useful”
Comments regarding this topic:

“I have enough information overload without using Twitter as well!”

“I am too busy to use sites like Twitter, particularly for all the ‘organisations’ which seem to now suggest I use it – at least 8 linked to my work!”

When asked how SEA UK members would benefit from our Society having a Twitter account, the following comments were made:

Negative comments:

“Can’t see the benefit”
“No benefit”
“It would exclude those of us too busy to use these things”

Positive Comments:

“Another way of communication perhaps”
“Notification of articles / meetings”
“Part of a communication and education strategy.”
“Information access”
“Links to educational materials and comment ideally chat/interaction on educational matters”
“Urgent news / reminders (eg ASM booking deadline or call for abstracts). Tweet emerging themes from conferences”
“Instant information about various important info and publications”
“Spread up to date information”
“Keep up-to-date Last minute changes in events etc. Form network of interested people”
“Useful to disseminate information about medical education and to engage with members”

Social networking sites used for inside and outside work

Social networking and websites used specifically for work or education related activities

What features would you like to have access to on SEA UK’s website?