Please find below a copy of the minutes from the SEA(UK) AGM 2017 in Hull.

Society for Education in Anaesthesia (UK) Registered Charity No. 1091996

Secretary: Dr Michelle Denton (Doncaster)

President: Dr Janet Barrie (Oldham)

Treasurer: Dr Chris Leng (Northampton)

Annual General Meeting Hull 20 March 2017


The Annual General Meeting was opened by Dr Janet Barrie who welcomed all members of the Society.

Apologies for Absence:

No apologies

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 07th March 2016 in London were circulated and approved and agreed as a correct record.

Matters Arising:

No matter arising.

President’s Report:

Dr Barrie announced that as of lunchtime today Dr Teresa Dorman immediate past President will step down from SEA UK, Dr Barrie thanked Dr Dorman for all her hard work over the years that she has been on council as a member and the roles that she has undertaken over several years as part of SEA UK council. Dr Claire Joannides along with Dr Cindy Persad is also stepping down from council, Claire & Cindy were joint editors of our newsletter for the last few years and did an excellent job of this and council would like to acknowledge our thanks to Claire & Cindy for the great job they have done over the past few years. Dr Kumar and Dr Walwyn will be taking over the editorial of the newsletter, Dr Barrie informed the members that if they wished to have any articles in the newsletter to please get in touch by emailing the administrator. Dr Barrie also acknowledged thanks to Sharon Drake who had been our college representative for several years and thanked Sharon for all her work with SEA UK, Russell Ampofo is taking over from Sharon as College representative and wished him a warm welcome to the society. Dr Barrie informed the meeting that there were two vacancies for none trainee members on council and that nominations would close on the 31 March 2017, if anyone was interested to please get in touch and see the website for further details.

Dr Barrie announced that we continue to provide three articles in the College Bulletin, these are now shorter, maximum of 850 words and should include a picture. Our Society continues with engagement on social media, Dr Barrie requested members to follow the society on Facebook and SEATWEET and to retweet where possible.

Dr Barrie announced that as a society we support the awards for National Clinical Excellence, last year supporting one applicant for silver and one for bronze at National level, applications are currently open until 01 April, Dr Barrie encouraged the membership to apply if they were involved in any educational projects or were planning to do so.

Dr Barrie informed members that the society continued to have links with the college and plans were in place for travel grants in the autumn.

Secretary’s Report:

Dr Denton informed the meeting that the Society now has 326 members with 64 new members attending today’s annual conference, the cost of attending the conference includes the first year of membership to SEA UK. Dr Denton informed the members that the fee of £20.00 had been set since conception of the society and requested agreement from membership that from March 2017 the fee would increase for new members to £25 per year, this would be to support the awards of grants to members for educational projects. Information on grants will be emailed out to the membership for October. Benefits of being a member of the society are reduced rates at the College workshops and ASM’s, access to educational material on the members only area of the website and also are the social aspects as you get to meet council members from across the globe, networking opportunities and the chance to broaden your knowledge, council meet twice a year and there is the opportunity to host a meeting in your locality Dr Denton asked the meeting if there were any objections to raising the fee for new members, no objections were raised. Dr Denton reminded the membership that the closing date for applications for none trainee members onto council would be Friday 31st March 2017.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dr leng informed the members that the accounts were stable and in good order. We have two accounts current and savings. The 2016 accounts although registered on the website as overdue had been submitted in good time and an earlier issue with this had now been resolved and these had now been accepted by the Charity Commission.

Dr Leng informed the membership that we had not supported any grants this year but paid out £600 for prizes at the 2016 ASM. Funds had also been used to conduct a survey for this year and £600 for the newsletter, a debate amongst council whether to continue to provide hard copies of newsletter was discussed at the council meeting with a decision made that we will continue to do so for now, feedback from membership on this is welcome. Dr Leng informed the meeting that the deposit had been paid for the Cardiff 2018 ASM.

The main expense for SEA UK is the running of the ASM. In the past the conferences have broken even or made a small profit, however last year’s ASM ran at a loss but the figures show for this year’s meeting it appears to be making a bigger profit and this will be used for awarding grants to members.

Dr Leng informed the meeting that £7500.00 had been paid for the new website and that this was now up and running with a member’s only area.

Council Appointments:

Dr Sarah Fadden has been appointed to council as trainee representative and Dr Peeyush Kumar as a regular member.

SEA UK 2018:

Dr Barrie announced the next SEA UK meeting will take place in Cardiff at the City Hall on the 19 March 2018 and asked members to look out for the information on the website.

Any Other Business:

No further business was discussed.

The meeting came to a close with a presentation of flowers to Dr Teresa Dorman who was thanked for all her years of hard work for the society.

Date & Time of the next AGM:

The next annual general meeting of SEA UK will be held on the 19th March 2018 at the next Annual Scientific Meeting.

➢ Closing Remarks from the ASM:

Prizes for Oral abstracts were awarded to Dr Rajeevi Senadeera who gained first prize for her presentation with joint second place being awarded to Dr Richard Berwick and Dr Mark Leopold.

Dr Barrie Thanked all speakers and workshop leaders along with SEA council for help on the day along with all those who attended the meeting. Special thanks were given to Dr Nimmi Soundararajan and Dr Sue Walwyn for organising the event along with Dr Omer Farooq and Dr Anju Raina for their help with the organisation of the event, grateful thanks was also acknowledged to our sponsors, with particular thanks to Cath our administrator.