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Trainee Council Posts – Voting Open

SEA(UK) members should have received an email inviting them to vote for a Trainee Council Member. Please reply to that email stating your preference of candidate. If you believe you should have received an email and have not then please contact our My name is Tamryn, an ST6 anaesthesia trainee in the [...]

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AGM Minutes

Please find below a copy of the minutes from the SEA(UK) AGM 2017 in Hull. Society for Education in Anaesthesia (UK) Registered Charity No. 1091996 Secretary: Dr Michelle Denton (Doncaster) President: Dr Janet Barrie (Oldham) Treasurer: Dr Chris Leng (Northampton) Annual General Meeting Hull 20 March 2017 Welcome: The Annual General Meeting was opened by [...]

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Full ASM Program

The full ASM program is now available for download on the ASM page. We regret that the workshop Educating in a Litigious Environment is sadly no longer running. We are however pleased to announce a replacement workshop, The Junior Doctor Contract: Implications for Education and Training in Anaesthesia. This session will be run by SEA(UK) immediate [...]

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