SEA UK supports applications for higher awards (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

SEA UK is recognised by the Advisory Committee for Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) as one of the specialist societies able to support nominations for anaesthetists applying for national Clinical Excellence Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels for England and Wales (please note that specialist societies are unable to support applications for Platinum awards). The levels at which candidates may apply are as follows:

  • Candidates without a national award may apply at Bronze level.
  • Bronze award holders may apply at Silver level.
  • Silver award holders may apply at Gold level.
  • B Distinction Award holders may apply at SILVER level only.

If you are a member of SEA UK and have four or more points, or are otherwise being recommended to apply for a national award you may apply to SEA(UK) for support.

SEA(UK) will email its membership when an award round opens with details and deadlines for application for support.

ACCEA Application Details